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Invoice for Tennessee Softball Coaches Association

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Membership For TSCA

Registration for the year is $40.00

TSCA Members will have the opportunity to participate in the following:

1. College Scholarships from our Exposure Camps/TNSCA tournaments this year

2. Miss Tennessee Softball Player of the Year by all Regions

3. All Academic Player Awards for individual players in All Classifications

4. Coaching Staff of the Year for All Classifications

5. Selecting players for the Annual Tennessee/Kentucky All Star Game

6. Nominees for the Tennessee High School Coaches Hall of Fame Statewide

7. Selecting players for the Annual Sectional All Star Game. East, West, and Middle Teams playing against each other. This game has been played for 20 years. 

8. The players playing in this game will be selected to play in the annual Tennessee/Kentucky All Star Game. We have been playing this game for 18 years!

Please send your check to the following address:

Tennessee High School Softball Coaches Association

186 Pea Ridge Road

Elmwood, TN 38560