Its Time To Nominate For All-State, Miss Softball and All Stars

We will open the nomination for picking our All-State, Miss Softball, and All Stars on April 28th.

Please pay very close attention to the instructions!! Last day to nominate will be Saturday May 8th at 12:00 p.m. No nominations will be accepted after this date. We have to have time to get it all sorted, decided on and sent out so please help us out with that date.

All Star is Senior only. Only 2 per team. Please do not nominate more than 2 per team. If you do we will only take the first 2 that you send. If they can not play in the All Star game on June 17th, please do not nominate them. The games will be played at Riverdale High School in Murfreesboro game times are 10-1-4.

After the All-Star Game the All-Stars for the Kentucky All Star Game will be announced. The players will be selected from the 3 teams and the winning coaches will coach this team. The game will be played on June 30th at Warren South in Bowling Green.

All State can be any grade. Only 2 per team. Please do not nominate more than 2 per team. If you do we will only take the first 2 that you send. We will look closely at stats and talk with coaches in determining All State. Every person nominated will not make the All State team.

Miss Softball can be any grade. Only nominate 1 per team. Please do not nominate more than 1 per team. If you do we will only take the first one that you send. If you nominate a player for Miss Softball and she does not get it, we will automatically look at her for All State. Please be realistic in your nominations for Miss Softball. This should be absolutely the best player you have seen in the state of Tennessee this year.

Just go to the Forms below and start your nominations! 

2015-16 TSCA All-Academic Team

Collinwood High School

Brooke Morris

Zoiee Gobbell

Lorin Harris

Emily Haddock

Lakelyn Reed

Camri Rochell

Shelby Wilbanks

Madison Academic Magnet School

Alexus Jimmerson

Taylor Perry

Chloe Johnson

Anna Cowan

Sevier County High School

Kendra Byrd

Destiny Sutton

Daniel Boone High School

Abbey Harrison

Rhetta Persinger

Sequoyah High School

Taylor Hensley

Kimberly Nicole Williams

Lewis County High School

Alyssa Jude

Mattie King

Kendal Bain

Ansley Pasold

Lexie Carroll

Kayla Saylor

Camden Central High School

Corina Hensley

Morgan Hunt

Ally Webb

Kiley Douglas

Sara Florence

McNairy Central High School

Molly Grace King

Alli Ray

Rossview High School

Cheyenne Epple

Chelsey Morehead

Juliann Crabbe

Ashley Montgomery

Ty'Asia Redditt

Mackenzie Vandenbroek

Goodpasture Christian School

Neeley Pike

Allie Earhart

Bailey Bratcher

Grundy County High School

Makayla Misiolek

Makayla Nunley

Emilee Meeks

Chloe Scissom

Madison Rogers

Madison Burrows

University School of Jackson

Molly Dowland

Anna Rice

Anna Pearson

Sarah Hensley

Anna Kathryn Horn

Kristen Pickens

Addison Dunn

Lexington High School

Bailee Lessenberry

Natalie Cogdell

Katelyn Wilson

Abbie Nowell

Samantha McDaniel

South Gibson County

Savannah Blackwell

Aly Walker

Ashten Perry

Kaitlyn Martin

Sadie Thetford

Taylor Benton

Marshall County High School

Emily Martin


Cassie Tidwell

Kaylie McIllwain

Chloe Fussell

Jordan Wertz

Taylor Travis

Olivia DaVila

Sarah Smith

Emily Hooper

Savannah Cotton

Greeneville High School

Megan Ramsey

Stewart County High School

Alexis Saunders

Hayleigh Shephard

Emily Swift

Sarahann Page

Kelsey Gray

Riverside High School

Shelby Yarbro

Kortney McKenzie

Jordan Woody

Covington High School

Taylor Vickery

Treasuary Poindexter

Neely Glenn

Raygen Escue

Carly Cousar

Abbey Beasley

Tipton-Rosemark Academy

Johnnie Sanfratello

Anna Claire Williams

Volunteer High School

Mayson Skeen

Olivia Housewright

Savannah Vance

Kaitlyn Price

Morgan Marshall

Maekayla Crawford

Sydney Chambers

Hannah Belcher

East Robertson

Aleaha Chowning

Katie Penick

Val Seay

Lexi Young

Kevin Evans

Gabby Zizzi

Elizabethton High School

Allison Riddle

Abbigale McKinney

Kennedy Richardson

Jordan Grindstaff

Emily Kiser

Alexis Williams

Moore County High School

Daisy Pierce

Kate Bowles

Mariah Ward

Emily Powell

Kasey Harvey

Boyd-Buchanan School

Kirsten Davidson

Marisa McCalla

Elizabeth Willmore

Sarah Emrey

Maddie Abed

Grace Christian Academy of Knoxville

Kelsey Birchfield

Kaitlin Lewis

Bailey Akers

Ashley Ellison

Rachel Lett

Brooke Wyrosdick

Peabody High School

Karen Allen

Kaylee Summers

Kayla Bowie

Coffee County High School

Abby Woods

Claire Spellings

Rhianna Roberson

Maegan Phillips

Paige Baker

Kaylee Skipper

Ashlynn Morton

Haley Hinshaw

Tori Bell

Tori Harris

East Hamilton School

Alyssa Stickler

Meigs County High School

Alyson Crowder

Madison Crabtree

Morgan Knox

Olivia Johnson

Kaley Meadows

Dobyns-Bennett High School

Marissa Honeycutt

Abby Stratton

Leah Taylor

Makaylah Frye

Brianna Patterson

Lyndsey Jones

Brooke Mohr

Laurel Russell

Emma Thurston

Sequatchie County High School

Shiann Stockwell

Michaela Newman

Madison Rollins

Amber Kilgore

Emily Yell

Alex Magourik

Clarksville High School

McKenzie Rose

Katie Keen

Lindsey Eldridge

Caitlin Aten

Peyton Wilson

University High School

Miranda Honeycutt

Ari Ramsaran

Oneida High School

Shyann West

Shelbyville Central High School

Lexi Sanders

Kendall Durard

Savannah McCullough

Christ Presbyterian Academy

Anna Todd Ervin

Ally Hockaday

Bryn Bostad

Livingston Academy

Halie White

Mary Rachel Gean

Jamie Wilson

Harding Academy

Kayley Underwood

Melissa King

Tori Hooker

Molly Claire Flowers

Trinity Christian Academy

Madison Holt

Madison Drake

Sydney Parimore

Morgan Fielding

Ooltewah High School

Bailey Kennedy

Aubbie Collake

Jadyn Raschke

Shelby Sutton

Monica Thompson

Summertown High School

Madison Dinwiddie

Madison Konig

Paige Hunter

Raegan Hannah

Evangelical Christian School

Anna Tansey

Tiffany Graves

Science Hill High School

Meredith Jackson

Blair Henry

Boyonoh Fahngon

Meredith Wright

Abby Higgins

Heather Ellis

Oneida High School

Jenna Bridges

Presley West

Heritage High School

Makayal Parsley

Raegan Parrish

Taylor Edwards

Community High School

Davie Barnes

Alyssa Freeman

Lacey Reed

Brooke Sanders

Faith Augustus

Sarah Pierce

Springfield High School

Morgan Clark

Keri Litchford

Coalfield High School

Taylor Bird

Kaylea Foster

Grainger High School

Kenzie Conn

Rachel McCoy

Kayla Black

Kelsey Jones

Ashlyn Hodge

Mattie Coffey

Kimberlyn Thomson

Huntingdon High School

Morgan Fuller

LeAnn Webb

Cheyenne Childress

Maggie Ross

Carson Hatch

Sara Beth Hayes

Sara Churchwell

Jefferson County High School

Madison Owens

Greenback High School

Audrey Anderson

Skylar Little

Hardin County High School

Haley Brewer

Cailin Stricklin

Ashley Channell

Katie Beth Tennison

Anna Beth Willoughby

Auburn Payne

Ade Hosea

Chloe Seever

Allie Turner


Sara Ann Davidson

Jamilia Leake

Mackenzie Haislip

Bailey York

Gracie Emerson

Morgan Ungerecht