Its Time To Nominate For All-State, Miss Softball and All Stars

We will open the nomination for picking our All-State, Miss Softball, and All Stars on April 28th.

Please pay very close attention to the instructions!! Last day to nominate will be Saturday May 8th at 12:00 p.m. No nominations will be accepted after this date. We have to have time to get it all sorted, decided on and sent out so please help us out with that date.

All Star is Senior only. Only 2 per team. Please do not nominate more than 2 per team. If you do we will only take the first 2 that you send. If they can not play in the All Star game on June 17th, please do not nominate them. The games will be played at Riverdale High School in Murfreesboro game times are 10-1-4.

After the All-Star Game the All-Stars for the Kentucky All Star Game will be announced. The players will be selected from the 3 teams and the winning coaches will coach this team. The game will be played on June 30th at Warren South in Bowling Green.

All State can be any grade. Only 2 per team. Please do not nominate more than 2 per team. If you do we will only take the first 2 that you send. We will look closely at stats and talk with coaches in determining All State. Every person nominated will not make the All State team.

Miss Softball can be any grade. Only nominate 1 per team. Please do not nominate more than 1 per team. If you do we will only take the first one that you send. If you nominate a player for Miss Softball and she does not get it, we will automatically look at her for All State. Please be realistic in your nominations for Miss Softball. This should be absolutely the best player you have seen in the state of Tennessee this year.

Just go to the Forms below and start your nominations! 

2013 TSCA All Academic Team Members


Shelby Willis, Meagan Woods,

Sheridan Allen, Kassydi Montgomery


Hayley Smothers, Tiffani Bell,Addie Cantrell


Heather Norris, Brooke Knight, ClareGrady,

Brianna Soden


Hannah Melhorn, Whitney Marlow,

Cocke County

Taylor Reed, Kaitlyn Huskey, Sydney Sneed,

Coffee County

Kelsey Adams, Ginny Clayborne, Alaina Lusk


Kassandria Cruz, Ashley Farmer Gretchen Greer,

Katie Hanback, Alana Hill, Kaylee Smith

Cumberland Gap

Oliva Price, DanielleCaldwell

Dickson County

Montana Harris, AnsleyStringfield,

Holly Thompson, Rachel Rife

Donelson Christian

EmmaMoore, Courtni Hammers

East Robertson

Katie Burnett, Bella Zizzi,

Chandler Groves,Jordan Hudgins

Evangelical Christian

Jaci Simpson, Addi Maxwell, Mary Faith Younts


Avery Blankenburg, Sarah Jackson,

Kelsey Hughes


SavannahFoster, Dani Jeffeson

Goodpasture Christian

Kaylin Littlejohn


Josie Jennings, Cori Jennings


Ashton Bowles, Holly Black, KalieChandler,

Allison Hodge, Kristie Jones, Talior Morgan,

Rachael Pierce, HannahWhite, Sarah Williamson

Happy Valley

Kaitlin Campbell, Allison Williams,

Brooke Simmons, Sarah Mounts,

Brittany Morefield

Hardin County

Allie Boyd, Katie Terry, Audri Jerrolds,

Kelsey McAfee, Jackie McGee, Kara Boyd


Lindsey Munn

Houston County

Kayla Clark, Kaci Hall


Imani Largin, Manja Wedemeyer, ToniHunter,

Breā€™anna McClure

Lenoir City

Carlie Smallwood, Peton Leho, LexiHenry,

Laken Collier

Lewis County

Leanna Amacher, Kaylee Schmittou,

Bethaney Bass, Baylee Clayton, Destin Conner


Caylee Burnine, Becca Jones, CaitlinReeves,

Candace Maness, Kellie Hayes, Savanna Gross

Lipscomb Academy

McCarley Thomas, Tori Schow, Bailey Bonte,

Janie Lynn Lankford

Macon County

Rebecca Ballou, Sara Kittrell, Alyssa Tuck,

Clara Howser, Rachel Shrum, Kathrine Goad


Taylor Hodge, Lindsey Watson,Madison Ogle


HaleyRiggs, Alivia Church, Baylie Lewis

Montgomery Central

Traci Moore, Rachel Matheny,

Augist Rodenhaber, Alexis Hill


Emily Stinnett,Christina Martin, Ericka Webster


Alison Hughs, Kaylyn Hurt, MyeshaGoodwin


Nikki Lowe, Rachel Graves, KeatonBuie


Kayce Currin, Ashton Edwards, TaylorParker


Brooke Kennedy, Laura Villaflor,

Carley Burleson, Lauren Hays, Haley Harris


Kayla Allen, Sheridan Black, Alyssa Criss,

Sydney Huff

Sale Creek

Brooke Welch, Tricia Chauncey, ReganGarrett

Science Hill

Samantha Bradley, Hannah Devotie,

Megan Devotie, Allison Poget, Alyssa Loveday, Jordan Rush

Shelbyville Central

Morgan Ward, Jami Johnson,Tiana Sanders


Charly Barnett, Katelyn Teague

Tipton-Rosemark Academy

Audra Bibb, Brooklyn Simpson,

Jordan Collins, Sally Downing, Ashton Needham,

Kayla Joyner

Trousdale County

Paige Carr, Sydney Shoulders, Hannah Jones,

Natalie Storey

University High School Johnson City

Sarah Higginbotham

University School of Jackson

Lauren Riddell, Kaylie Wehner,

Ally Glover, Haley Hall


Crystal Bryant, Kristen Hull, Klaudia Hull


Kellie Kirk, Mackenzie Tate, AlexWilliams,

Heather King, Kayla Christian, Kali Kennedy

Warren County

Monica Lane, Mahaley Keele,

Kailyn Cantrell, Chelsey Chandler, Jessie Newby,

Abbi Reyes


Carlee Burlison, Brooke Davis, Katie Herndon,

Paige Herdon, Taylor Hill, Lindsay Little,

Kelsey Wilson

Wayne County

Carlie Littrell, Stacey Creecy,

Hayley Inman, Jessica Hargrove, Sam Skelton


Meagan Prince, Kayla Guthrie, AlexHughey,

Alex Crosser, Brooke Morrow