Its Time To Nominate For All-State, Miss Softball and All Stars

We will open the nomination for picking our All-State, Miss Softball, and All Stars on April 28th.

Please pay very close attention to the instructions!! Last day to nominate will be Saturday May 8th at 12:00 p.m. No nominations will be accepted after this date. We have to have time to get it all sorted, decided on and sent out so please help us out with that date.

All Star is Senior only. Only 2 per team. Please do not nominate more than 2 per team. If you do we will only take the first 2 that you send. If they can not play in the All Star game on June 17th, please do not nominate them. The games will be played at Riverdale High School in Murfreesboro game times are 10-1-4.

After the All-Star Game the All-Stars for the Kentucky All Star Game will be announced. The players will be selected from the 3 teams and the winning coaches will coach this team. The game will be played on June 30th at Warren South in Bowling Green.

All State can be any grade. Only 2 per team. Please do not nominate more than 2 per team. If you do we will only take the first 2 that you send. We will look closely at stats and talk with coaches in determining All State. Every person nominated will not make the All State team.

Miss Softball can be any grade. Only nominate 1 per team. Please do not nominate more than 1 per team. If you do we will only take the first one that you send. If you nominate a player for Miss Softball and she does not get it, we will automatically look at her for All State. Please be realistic in your nominations for Miss Softball. This should be absolutely the best player you have seen in the state of Tennessee this year.

Just go to the Forms below and start your nominations! 

2008 All Academic Team



Boyd Christian


Cheatham County

Clay County

Coffee County


Lauren Baker

Natalie Papini

Monica Hillis      Leah Walker     Cassie Wanamaker

Amanda Buntin      Amy Buntin      Jenn Maher     Toree Walker

Stephanie Saunders

Taylor Dixon

Taylor Baldin       Jessica Downs         Tiffany McCormick

Jordan Martin       Whitney Jackson     Brittany Robertson     Haley Thompson 

 Ashley Victory

Columbia Central

Creek Wood

Cumberland County

David Lipscomb

DeKalb County

Dickson County

East Hickman


Jessica Frierson

Jessica Steverson      Lacey Thompson

Jessica Lancianese

Rachel Pugh

Victoria Bennett      Shay Sullivan        Kara Young

Stacey Dampf        Kyndell Newberry        Courtney Smotherman    Sydney Teal

Rachel Harvill          Lyddia Wilson       Erica Winfrey

Bequi Bussell          Gaby Bussell       Amanda Daughrity      Brianda Elmore

Haley Mathis           Summer Waggoner

Franklin Road


Giles County



Hume Fogg


Lawrence County


Lewis County

Lincoln County

Macon County

Marshall County

Mt. Pleasant

Montgomery Central





Smith County


Spring Hill

Abby Nelson

Sara Fowler       Kayla Williams

Kayla Crabtree        Amber Griggs        Lindsey Lockridge       Kinsley Toone

Meghan Kelley

Katie Ervin        Taylor Hutchins         Logan Olczak

Kristina Alexander

Anna Garrison         Kelsie Graham        Elizabeth ??     Beth Harris

Allison Blackwood       Amelia Ellis       Danielle Fincher       Katie Hill

Kelsey Blackburn      Hannah Brockette      Lauren Ludwikowski

Lauren Amacher       Allison Davis      Alicia   Henze      Shelby Thompson

Sarah Humphries

Jaclyn Carter

Lauren Anderson       Erika Finley        McKenna Moffett

Neeley Anderson       Tiffany Smith

Kayla Bearden       Allison Miller         Laura Morgan         Kayla Rye

Kayla Bowling         Anna Harmon         Allison Mills        Lizzie Radar

Chelsey Choate

Kristina Fuhrman          Rebecca Goad

Kristen Parker          Amy Burris       Sara Dusenberry

Tonya Barlow            Michelle Piper

Sara Carlisle          Sara Hart          Briana Jones

Kirstin Agent           Meghan LaFevor        Karli Richards       Breanna Thurman

Felicia Turley

Station Camp



Warren County

Rachel Baker         Christina Manis         Hannah Trice

Adeanna Adams          Marissa Angus

Kathryn White

Brooke Bowman        Mary Kate Fisher         Katie Rogers       Kaitom Tanner 

Lindsey Williamson


White House

Wilson Central

Brittni Burlison         Ashton Carnahan       Katy Couch       Tiffany Tidwell

Laurie Pegram

Savanna Bell            Courtney Billington        Kristyn Clark        Leevie Greenwood