2005 MTSCA All Middle TN Division A Team

Congratulations players! To be selected you had to be nominated and voted on by a panel of MTSCA coaches. Your high school coach must also be a member of MTSCA. You will be honored July 12th at the MTSCA All Star game where you will receive a plaque and tee shirt.

Alicia Riner

Emily Ford

Laci Upchurch

Caitlin Haley

Courtney Woodside

Danielle Pierone

Jayme Wamsley

Natalee Weissinger

Whitney Buchanan


Columbia Academy

Davidson Academy

Ezell Harding

Franklin Road Lauren Goodpasture



 Mt. Pleasant

Shelby Burchell 

Kristi Cunningham

Brittany Williams

Karen Birdwell

Lauren Huddleston

Toni Hutchison

Jocelyne Moncrief 

Samantha Davis 

Ciara Farr Watertown

Columbia Academy

Davidson Academy

Ezell Harding

Ezell Harding

Franklin Road



Hermitage Springs