Its Time To Nominate For All-State, Miss Softball and All Stars

We will open the nomination for picking our All-State, Miss Softball, and All Stars on April 28th.

Please pay very close attention to the instructions!! Last day to nominate will be Saturday May 8th at 12:00 p.m. No nominations will be accepted after this date. We have to have time to get it all sorted, decided on and sent out so please help us out with that date.

All Star is Senior only. Only 2 per team. Please do not nominate more than 2 per team. If you do we will only take the first 2 that you send. If they can not play in the All Star game on June 17th, please do not nominate them. The games will be played at Riverdale High School in Murfreesboro game times are 10-1-4.

After the All-Star Game the All-Stars for the Kentucky All Star Game will be announced. The players will be selected from the 3 teams and the winning coaches will coach this team. The game will be played on June 30th at Warren South in Bowling Green.

All State can be any grade. Only 2 per team. Please do not nominate more than 2 per team. If you do we will only take the first 2 that you send. We will look closely at stats and talk with coaches in determining All State. Every person nominated will not make the All State team.

Miss Softball can be any grade. Only nominate 1 per team. Please do not nominate more than 1 per team. If you do we will only take the first one that you send. If you nominate a player for Miss Softball and she does not get it, we will automatically look at her for All State. Please be realistic in your nominations for Miss Softball. This should be absolutely the best player you have seen in the state of Tennessee this year.

Just go to the Forms below and start your nominations! 

2005 All Mid-State Team

First Team

Savannah Roberts


Hunters Lane, Sr.

• Why chosen: .611 BA, 5 HR, 51 RBIs, 14 IBB, .685 OBP

Jayme Wamsley


Goodpasture, Sr.

• Why chosen: .385 BA, 44 RBIs, threw out 13 of 14 stealing

Natalee Weissinger


Goodpasture, Jr.

Why chosen: .392 BA, 21 SB, 42 runs, .960 fielding percentage

Julie Harmon


Brentwood, So.

Why chosen: .488 BA, 29 R, 41 RBIs, 20 SB, .526 OBP; 11-1, 0.85 ERA

Laci Upchurch


Davidson Acad., Sr.

• Why chosen: .545 BA, 7 HR, 27 extra-base hits, 40 RBIs, 46 runs, 12 SB

Toni Hutchison


Goodpasture, Sr.

• Why chosen: .364 BA, 8 HR, 45 RBIs, .969 fielding percentage

Katrina Jones


Marshall Co., Jr.

• Why chosen: .456 BA, 27 RBIs, committed one error all year

Chelsea Bailey


Wilson Central, Sr.

• Why chosen: .377 BA, .481 BA w/RISP, 37 RBIs, 38 runs, one error

Jocelyne Moncrief


Goodpasture, Sr.

• Why chosen: .346 BA, 14 SB, 42 runs, 20 RBIs, .453 OBP

Danielle Pieroni


Goodpasture, Sr.

• Why chosen: 29-2, 0.26 ERA, 360 Ks, 38 BB; .425 BA, 50 runs, 36 RBIs

Kassie Stanfill


Beech, Sr.

• Why chosen: 25-12, 0.60 ERA, 300 Ks in 233 IP, 10 shutouts; .336 BA, 30 RBIs

Falon Catalano


Riverdale, Sr.

• Why chosen: 15-1, 0.50 ERA, 277 Ks, 7 saves; .477 BA, 50 runs, 46 RBIs

Ashley Elrod


Rossview, Sr.

• Why chosen: 28-4, 0.75 ERA, 391 Ks, 25 BB; 20 shutouts; .381 BA, 24 RBIs

Chelsea Owens


Lincoln Co., Jr.

• Why chosen: 37-12, 0.37 ERA, 430 Ks, 29 BB, 29 shutouts

Paij Lintz


Marshall Co., Jr.

• Why chosen: 26-8, 0.62 ERA, 399 Ks, 11.7 Ks per game; .303 BA

Kristi Cunningham


Davidson Acad., Sr.

• Why chosen: 19-5, 0.54 ERA, 250 Ks; .439 BA, 8 HR, 27 RBIs, 47 runs.


C Shelby Burchell, Fr., Columbia Acad.

C Lindsay Cavarra, Sr., Brentwood

IF Abby Kuchan, Sr., BGA

IF Toni Waynick, Sr., Friendship

IF Colby Wherry, So., Beech

IF Angelica Wade, Jr., Riverdale

OF Emily Shelton, Sr., Coffee County

OF Monica Chumney, Jr., Smith County

OF Kristy Blain, Sr., Goodpasture

P Tarrah Tucker, Sr., Hickman County

P Ashley Myatt, Sr., Dickson County

P Casey Teal, Sr., Hendersonville

P Britney Caldwell, Jr., Creek Wood

P Emma DeKalb, Jr., Father Ryan

P Morgan Thomas, Jr., Centennial


C Magen Kroutter, Sr., McGavock

C Ali Thomas, Jr., Harpeth

IF Lauren Isley, Jr., Marshall County

IF Jackie West, Sr., Riverdale

IF Kayla Gill, Sr., Friendship

IF Jessica Hesson, Jr., Brentwood Acad.

IF Merrick Martin, Fr., Father Ryan

IF Diane Shelton, Jr., Father Ryan

IF Whitney Horton, Sr., Lincoln Co.

P Courtney Woodside, So., FRA

P Susan Gray, Sr., Mt. Juliet

P Emily Ford, Jr., Columbia Acad.

P Darci Gilbert, Jr., Riverdale

P Shelby Mashburn, Sr., Brentwood Acad.

P Kristen Grogan, Sr., Greenbrier

P Ashley George, Jr., Wilson Central